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Advance ZIP repair software Easily repair corrupt zip file(s) compressed with WinZip or other compression utility

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Client Testimonials : Zip File Recovery

ZIP File Recovery - is the world leader Company in Data Recovery Services and Data Recovery software ensuring the fastest,easiest, most convenient and cost-effective solutions. Some of the benefits that ZIP File Recovery provides our customers include:

William Woods

Just to say 'thanks'. I've just purchased and used For ZIP File Recovery software and brought back a 'lost' ZIP Archives from beyond the grave... 6GB of personal and business data stretching back a couple of years. Great, simple to use software... Thanks again.

Robin Irving

"Thanks for such a great product! Your product is the first to truly work as promised. In fact I was skeptical when I first purchased to For ZIP File Recovery software. It is a very effective!!! Thanks."

A McDowell

Thank you so much for your quick and generous response. Your product is really a very great. My zip data is found again, we needed later on. Our For ZIP File Recovery software is working perfectly."


"I am interested in purchasing another one soon. I am using mine at the time to For ZIP File Recovery software. It is doing great and keeps them away 100% as soon as they see it on the lawn they keep away. Thanks a lot."

John Witalec

Dear Sir, Mid January 2006, I wrote you an e-mail with my congratulations for your program For ZIP File Recovery software Tool. Well, I thanks again! For your support.

Kirk Long

"You have a great product!! ...for deer. I bought a second unit."

James M. Grego

"Your product work nicely, I want to say thanks!"

Thomas-TestimonialThomas Greg